About PPIDomainMiner

“PPIDomainMiner” (Protein-Protein Interactions Domain Miner) is a new computational approach for inferring DDIs (Domain-Domain interactions) using multiple sources of PPIs (Protein-Protein Interactions). The approach is an extension of our previously described “CODAC” (Computational Discovery of Direct Associations using Common neighbors) method for inferring new edges in a tripartite graph. The PPIDM method has been applied to seven widely used PPI resources, using as “Gold-Standard” a set of DDIs extracted from 3D structural databases.

PPIdomainMiner was first described in Zia Alborzi's European PhD Thesis (defended in february 2018) . A publication is currently in preparation.

This work was carried out at the LORIA-Inria Nancy Grand-Est in the CAPSID team (CAPSID : Computational Algorithms for Protein Structure and Interactions) created by Dave Ritchie. Since he passed away prematurely in September 2019, this work is dedicated to him, in memory of his interest in this work and in tribute to his many scientific contributions in structural bioinformatics.

People Involved

  • Seyed Ziaeddin ALBORZI
    IT developer at EcoMundo, Issy les Moulineaux, France.
  • Marie-Dominique DEVIGNES
    CNRS Research Associate, Group Leader of CAPSID team, LORIA-INRIA Nancy Grand-Est.
    Post-doc fellow at CAPSID team, Université de Lorraine, LORIA-INRIA Nancy Grand-Est.
  • Hiba NAJJAR
    Student at the Ecole des Mines de Nancy, intern at CAPSID team, LORIA-INRIA Nancy Grand-Est.
  • Dave RITCHIE
    Former Group Leader of CAPSID team, LORIA-INRIA Nancy Grand-Est. Died prematurely in September 2019. This work is dedicated to him.